We’re back once more to dissect the final episode in the Mortis Arc titled “Ghosts of Mortis.” AND, once more, we want to declare a MAJOR SPOILER ALERT ahead if you choose to listen! If you have not seen the Clone Wars Mortis Arc, or have not listened to the previous two episodes of our podcast, turn back now! We’ll be discussing the heavy foreshadowing and major symbolism depicted throughout “Ghosts of Mortis,” all the while asking even more questions as to what it all means in this final installment of our three episode breakdown. We’ll both go so far as to say that THIS episode is one of the Clone Wars series’ BEST, so enjoy us geeking out as we highlight all that this intense episode has to offer!

LISTEN TO EPISODE 46: Breaking Down the Mortis Arc, Part 3: “Ghosts of Mortis”